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Your Day-to-Day Financial Guidance

The new personal financial management platform that connects you to the world of financial products and professionals, enables you pursue your bigger financial goals and navigate your day-to-day finance simply and successfully.

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Finance is Easy

When Using Cutting Edge Technologies

Navigate finance

Simply and Successfully

Shop the market of financial products. Get what you need, not just what the institutions you bank with offer. Gain confidence over complex banking products and connect with the world of financial professionals ready to help.

Empower yourself

with Unique Insights and Vital Statistics

Improve your connectivity to finance with a more meaningful and holistic overview. Save time and money in dealing with your finances. Track spending and allocate savings effortlessly. All user data is kept safe with bank level security (Soon to be military grade security).

Build your own team

of Financial Experts

Let them cater directly to your needs. Focus on the things that matter to you instead of managing sophisticated financial systems. Our streamlined integration and reporting helps you connect with financial pros quickly, saving you from lengthy application processes for financial products.

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to customer

Personalized and Easy to Action Insights

Forget the banking jargon and confusing language! Our AI powered personalized monitoring lets you take action when it matters most.

We send easy-to-understand actionable insights based on fineprint highlighting of banking products and accounts compared with your real-time behaviour.

We want you to be smarter than your bank and stop paying unnecessary fees!

Empowered Within Banking Systems and Products

Analyze fine print in banking products and accounts ensuring you’re using the right options for you! Pocket Finance is here to help you navigate banking, increase your confidence, and take control of your future.

Easier to Engage Professional Advice

Expert advice is also right at your fingertips! Browse our entire database of financial professionals and build your own team of financial pros.

Generate and send financial reports at the click of a button.

Notify your team when opportunities arise so that every dollar you make is also working for you. They can help you plan or provide insights on how to take advantage of your opportunity!

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We are Secure, Powerful, and We Care


We will always stay on the forefront of technology and its highest benefits to empower you.


We will always stay on the forefront of technology and its highest benefits to empower you.


We help guide you through complex banking products and systems with care.


Fully encrypted and safe. We protect your data at bank level security.


Full and fair disclosure and transparency. Financial information in an easy-to-understand way.

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Imagine a world where everyone can navigate finance brilliantly, yielding its benefits for ourselves and those we care about.

Finally, you can focus on family time, not financial stress


We created Pocket Finance to help make consumers amazing at navigating finance along with optimizing the relationship with financial advice and every hard earned dollar.

We believe financial literacy has not been consumable. Excessive information gathering efforts and lack of a holistic view of our finances has been harmful to us all.

We focused our platform solution around increasing financial understanding, solving financial problems, finding opportunities to save money, and highlighting important parts of complex banking fine print. All while connecting users directly to vetted financial pros so you can stop worrying about your finances and focus on what really matters in life.

Our Team

Sheldon Brow

CEO | Founder

Vitali Charapovich

CPO & Co-Founder

Kayla Caruana

Co-Founder & CBDO

Russ Dyck

Co-Founder & VPO

Vasya Makarchuk

Lead Software Engineer

Jason Pereira

MBA, CFA, CFP, RFP, TEP, FSCI, CIWM Fintech Expert

Carine Monge

LL., L, LL. B, MBA - Finance Industry Strategy Pro and Innovation Expert

Michael Holder

FinTech and Compliance Consultant

Jonathan Torrens

Celebrity Investor and Advocate, Writer and Producer

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